Helping Youth is My Passion, Read More Below

My company developed its own initiative for the large numbers of young people being apprehended, a programme for help young people who were engaged in anti-social behaviour and shoplifting in partnership with the police and we hired some offenders and provided mentoring support to others as a consequence. We also had developed strategies for dealing effectively with the conflict which sometimes evolved when dealing with location problems for traveller communities. In addition My Company was involved in the very successful Learning Skills Council funded pilot in partnership with Arsenal Football club and Peabody Trust for pupils at risk of exclusion for schools across five boroughs including Camden, Westminster and Islington.

Following a personal crisis related to the business I decided on a change in direction with regards to moving forward. I took an interest in the emerging “FRANK” campaign and served on a school board of governors, I also discovered that I had an aptitude for handling youth conflict within the educational system through mentoring and support.

I began by working with FBMF(From boyhood to manhood foundation) in Southwark and dealing with some of their worst offenders, who had very challenging behaviour and who had been diagnosed as aggressive and dangerous and finally directly within schools.

I have had a large impact on individual pupils’ lives, in many cases transforming low achieving and unfocused students with minimal self-esteem and a lack of commitment into more confident pupils with higher grades, improved motivation and a sense of direction.

I work with groups of pupils and individuals, teachers and managers, parents, carers and families, schools and other agencies, helping to construct a support network, for the young person Within that framework they develop trusting relationships in which information can be discussed and if need be some positive action taken.

Many young people have problems at school with behaviour, bullying, self harming that put barriers between them and learning and which may mean they have problems with parents. My negotiation and communication skills gained in management in collaboration with my own experience as a parent have been extremely valuable tools in helping me deal effectively and successfully with parents.

I also have some training experience and have used this to train coach and mentor staff within the school environment to cope more effectively with conflict at all levels and this has been very successful.

I am a Press relations  officer for the assocation  and I have worked on a range of issues with my mentees including the management of challenging behaviour. I introduced to them skills in self coaching,identifying future goals, coping strategies and extensive conflict resolution skills