A Campaign Against Violent Youth

Support Our National One Minute Silence On The 1st Of May

The One Minute in May was set up to confront the threat of knife and gun crime. It aims to educate parents children about the dangers of violent crime through a variety of means, particularly the creative use of film.

Why film? Because we are seeking to reach – in fact, are already reaching – a generation of young adults who are very media savvy. These children have grown up using a wide range of electronic gadgets to access information, to be entertained as well as to follow trends. Whether they are playing games on hand-held consoles or watching the internet, the children and adolescents in our target group learn a lot of life’s gospel, as they see it, from these devices.

As a result, children today are highly televisual. They may well be more familiar with the lyrics of the latest ‘Drake’ release than with the seven-times table. This is why One Minute in May is bringing its campaign to them, in a language they understand.

We are asking everyone to meet at 11:30am at the square, to unite together as we put heads down and remember the young people we lost to youth violence. We will have quest speakers on the day, and balloons released to represent each person we have lost.

Please join us as together we are stronger



One minute in May will be holding the first ever nationwide minute of silence at 12:00pm on Friday 1st of May at Trafalgar Square.

For further details or any questions please call 0785 086 2684

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