Awards are for people who finish what they started, are you one them?

Statement from the young people

Mr Jones’ magnanimous presence in and around the school is both inspiring and motivational for the whole school community. His ‘firm but fair’ approach with more challenging students has earned him a great deal of respect, and students appreciate his ‘clear boundaries’.

Despite his formidable temperament, students have warmed to his ‘consistent’ and ‘understanding’ nature – they know he’s a big softy at heart! He knows ‘how to communicate with students on a one-to-one level’, and takes time to talk with them. During the morning Breakfast Club he is always ‘very welcoming’ and introduces students to ‘new ways of thinking’ and ensures they ‘keep up-to-date’ with current affairs. His impeccable appearance is testament to the high standards he expects in himself and others. Mr Jones is ‘inspirational’ and a ‘role model’ for all members of the school.

To achieve success you need to:

  • Plan ahead
  • Apply yourself and take action
  • Surround yourself with successful people
  • Be courageous and have faith
  • Make failure not an option