“Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen and a push in the right direction”

Umar Hamza


I’ve worked with a number of organisations where I’ve provided my expertise and knowledge to support various communities. I’ve worked with the local police, fire services and various councils.


Mr Jones’ magnanimous presence in and around the school is both inspiring and motivational for the whole school community.


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My Story

This is my story of experience in conflict resolution and how that helps me to manage it successfully at school and other related environments!

My greatest strength is dealing with people and that comes from the great variety of ways in which I have had to connect and communicate with people over the years…starting at the early age of 16 with the armed forces.

Much of that was a positive experience and I learned early in life that you are as strong as your weakest person, you were forced to work with people you had nothing in common with and even those who hated your guts –there was no choice we had to get the job done! I even remember that had to complete a capsize exercise without being able to swim although I did have a lifejacket! Prior to the army, I did have a bit of experience like many others in dealing with hostility and aggression growing up in a racially charged environment in Greater London and so I learned to use it to my advantage.

At 18, I was put in command of a small team of men in a hostile environment, we all had to use everything we had learnt in Northern Ireland, training and survival skills, all the time it was necessary to think of others. I also spent time in Germany which was an amazing place and where you were put in a position where if you had problems it was just down to you to sort them out. I was part of the mechanised battalion who had tanks to support German govt against potential Russian invasion following World War II.

My experience in handling conflict developed in the direction of security after leaving the forces and I dealt with incidents at every level and faced challenges on a daily basis working for others in sales and management at a corporate level and eventually running my own security firm and managing in excess of 450 security personnel across the country.

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